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    Welcome to Better Families Together, a family program meant to strengthen parent-child relationships, reduce children's behavior problems, and build child resilience.  We are so glad you have decided to participate! This online version of the program includes a welcome module, six teaching modules, and a course rating form.  The modules include

    1. Welcome to Better Families Together

    2. Importance of Parent-Child Relationships

    3. Building Healthy Parent-Child Relationships

    4. Applying Child-Centered Skills

    5. Giving Effective Commands

    6. Using Effective discipline

    7. Applying Effective Discipline

    8. What did you think of this course?  How can we improve?

    After each of the teaching modules, you will be asked to answer a few questions that will help you to solidify the information you have just learned.

    To further help you to apply the skills with your own children or with the Safe Families children in your home, live consultation sessions will be held by phone or Internet each Monday from 5pm - 6pm and Saturday from 11am - 12pm starting Monday, November 28th.