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    Enrollment Keys in Table of Contents; Community Hub Support

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    Looking for training and keys in a particular topic? Check the Table of Contents with Keys for a comprehensive list of the resources available here, on the Safe Families Community Hub. 

    Available courses

    Learn PC Care Parenting Skills through recorded webinars and handouts. This training is for:

    • Hosts and Family Friends who want to be equipped to help children experiencing the trauma of separation from parents.
    • Volunteers and Coaches who want to help placing parents increase their effectiveness in parenting.
    • Family Coach Supervisors who want to provide support and guidance for their Volunteer Coaches.
    • Chapter Directors who want to see fewer disruptions in placements and greater stability in placing families. 

    This is relevant information on the Coronavirus for the SFFC family.

    Archives of past volunteer webinars

    Family Friends of parents whose children are not being hosted provide mentoring, support, advocacy, babysitting, and other needed befriending supports to encourage a parent in crisis and to ultimately strengthen their family. 

    The volunteer Ministry Lead works through the church to develop an infrastructure of support for volunteers within the church, support volunteers through encouragement, debriefing, and resources. The Ministry Lead acts as the liaison between their church community and Safe Families staff, and assists in on-going volunteer recruitment. 

    Additional training and resources by topic area, including diving deeper into cultural competency, connecting with children, relationship building, understanding poverty, and book recommendations. 

    Safe Families for Children Core Training is required for all volunteer roles, and provides an overview of the Safe Families for Children movement, biblical hospitality, connecting with parents and children, and the various ways to get involved. 

    This training is required for host families, and provides details of the intake process, welcoming a child into your home, development and growth, discipline, home safety, and preparing a child for returning home. 

    This training is required to volunteer as a Family Coach. The Family Coach supports the placing parent, monitors the safety and well-being of the child in hosting, supports the host family as they care for the child, and plans for the end of hosting. They are the primary contact for both the placing parent and the host family, ensuring a successful relationship between both. 

    Resources for Home Gatherings 

    Safe Families PLUS (Providing Lasting Unconditional Support) Mentor Training guides you through the best practices of mentoring teenagers and young adults, particularly those who are in the child welfare system. 

    This is the 2021 Safe Families Sundays marketing support elements available to all implementers.

    This is the 2020 Safe Families Sundays marketing support elements available to all implementers.

    Marketing and Event Resources for Safe Families Sunday 2019. 

    Sunday, February 10, 2019

    Just One / Circle of Support campaign materials

    This folder contains Safe Families for Children marketing materials for use to promote the movement.

    Documents and Forms for Implementers